HR & Payroll Software

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  • Appointment letter Generation
  • Employee profile recording
  • ID card & Bus card generation
  • Late, early out, outside duty approval (optional)
  • Leave management (CL, EL, SL, ML)
  • Auto lefty employee detection & deactivate after approval
  • Increment & promotional system
  • Very flexible employee searching options
  • Automated mail notification for probation period completion (Optional)
  • Appraisal System

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  • Multi Currency payment
  • Company salary structure
  • Flexible employee structure settable with bank and cash payable feature
  • Monthly salary generation within 5-15 minutes
  • Salary adjustable (Arrear, Excess Mobile bill, Punishment deduction…)
  • Individual Salary slip & structure viewable
  • Salary sheet (Bangla/English)
  • Pay slip (Bangla / English)
  • Ledger generation for accounting purpose
  • Salary summery (Department or designation wise)
  • Bonus payment sheet with partial salary
  • Daily,weekly or any date between salary calculation before salary generation
  • Salary disbursement sheet (Compliance Salary + Excess OT)
  • Earn leave encash sheet
  • Provided fund management
  • Two month’s salary comparison sheet